Please note: Novena has ceased publication as of December 2020. We apologise for the disappointment but thank you for your kind support.

About us

Novena is an independent, lay-run, self-financed news website that offers accurate, credible and insightful coverage of issues that affect Europeans at the intersection of religion, politics, society and culture.

Managed by a team of professional academics and reporters inspired by journalistic best practice, it provides uniquely informative, engaging, distinctive, and relevant perspectives on the news of the day, all with the integrity, sensitivity and vision required to get to all the angles of the story.


Novena firmly believes that the dream of a united Europe is worth fighting for, even if its ideals of harmony, civility, solidarity, fraternity and equality are perhaps under threat now more than ever. Since the “religious” forces that contributed historically to the consolidation of the continent still make their presence felt today – though often in unexpected guises – Novena seeks to make it its mission to uncover and expose the way “religion”, in the broadest possible sense of that term, impacts still on political, social and cultural life on the continent.


Novena aims to become the pre-eminent source in Europe for news and current affairs stories that are felt on a religious, political, social and cultural level.

By striving for excellence, relevance and accessibility in its coverage of the issues that really matter on the continent, it endeavours to promote stimulating discussion among citizens on these key issues, to raise the level of responsible, informed and culturally-sensitive public discourse and civic debate, and to become a leading voice for peaceful social co-existence not just in Europe but beyond.


Novena, in its fair and balanced coverage of stories between faith and culture, aims to be guided by the same values that have always guided Europe: plurality, tolerance, respect, the conviction of the dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to search for the truth.

In being attentive to our shared responsibility as citizens for peace and social well-being, we aim to promote a platform not only for stimulating discussion but also for civil and reasoned debate where all voices can be heard, especially those that have been, or are still, silenced and marginalised.


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Self-financed. What that means is that while we do earn a minimum from running ads on our page, through an ad manager – and from commissions through affiliate links – it’s only enough to cover the basic expenses of running a website.

We’re not sponsored by any major organisation, but are entirely self-funded.

That helps us maintain our strict and rigorous independence, with an eye to getting at the heart of the news and at all angles of the story.