These are weeks of tension in Albania, in view of the administrative elections scheduled for Sunday 30 June. Last week the President of the Republic Ilir Meta canceled this date, but the socialist majority of Prime Minister Edi Rama claimed that the cancellation “violated the Constitution” and reiterated that the elections will take place on the predetermined day , setting in motion at the same time the procedures for removing the Head of State from office.

In this context, Msgr. Giovanni Peragine, Apostolic Administrator of southern Albania and Vice President of the Albanian Episcopal Conference, appeals “to all the faithful of the Apostolic Administration of Southern Albania, and all the Albanians of good will, to undertake a day of prayer and fasting on Friday 21 June and to participate in the initiative ‘Light a candle of hope’: from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm to light a candle as a sign of hope, placing it on a window of your house”.

Risk of crisis with “unforeseeable consequences”

“For some time – remembers Msgr. Peragine – we are witnessing a strong political debate that risks dragging the country into a real social crisis with unforeseeable consequences, as well as forcing Albania to confront again the ghosts of a past of misery and devoid of all forms of freedom and hope”.

“Numerous and unheard of appeals have been addressed to the political authorities also by the country’s religious institutions, that they lay aside the weapons of arrogance and partisan interests and hear the cry of so many people who, tired and disappointed by so many promises, are forced to leave their country in search of a better life. Faced with the persistence of this situation, we want to address our prayer to the Lord for the peace of our beloved land”.

Hence the invitation to join the initiative of June 21, for which Msgr. Peragine prays that “the Lord will hear the cry of his people that invoke him and warm the hearts of our leaders so that they can find a peaceful solution for the good of our Albania”.

(Barnabiti APS)