(Source: David Andersson, Pressenza)

(August 21, 2020)

Every mainstream media outlet is covering the protests contesting the elections results in Belarus. Could this be the new Ukraine? Maybe not, but it is definitely a continuation of the White-West’s attempts to get closer to Russia’s border.

Last week the Trump administration was planning to move US troops from Germany to Poland. Just a few days ago, Deutsche Welle published “Pompeo signs deal to move US troops from Germany to Poland” with the line “The US has signed a deal with Poland to begin the redeployment of American troops from Germany to the Eastern European country. The agreement also makes Poland the new headquarters of the US Army V Corps.”

Map of Belarus in Europe

Looking at the map, we can understand the interest in Belarus’ election results.

Getting control of Belarus is a big deal for the White-West, which uses the rhetoric of preserving “democracy” to take political advantage of the situation.

They already have far-right governments in Hungary and Poland under their control.

The really troubling part is that there is no political opposition in the US or Europe, on either the right or the left, to the expansion of NATO to the Russian border, which would reduce Moscow’s influence on the rest of the world and ensure that the White-West is untouchable.

How can we stop the bullying of the White-West? Here are a few important steps in that direction:

  • close the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF);
  • cancel external debts for all countries;
  • reform the U.N. Security Council;
  • pass the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW);
  • remove foreign troops from occupied territories;
  • use Green technology to produce 80% of the world energy;
  • close tax havens;
  • implement Universal Basic Income (UBI);
  • implement a maximum wage;
  • remove U.S. and European economic sanctions against other countries;
  • close NATO.

Who is going to do all this? The White-West needs to do it, because they have created the problem and they have the power to fix it.

They can’t keep going to other cultures and offering “humanitarian aid” to fix problems they created in the first place, many of which, by the way, they are unable to deal with at home.

People from the White-West need to take the responsibility and leadership to transform their own culture, their own belief system, their own economic system.

It is time to stand-up and look at one’s own face in the mirror and see what this face has became: a monster, a system incapable of satisfying the basic health, food, and housing needs of its own people.

The situation we have now now is like the story of the guy who has tensions with his boss at work, so after work he goes to a bar, gets drunk, goes home and beats up his wife. All because he couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to his boss. Please, talk to your boss.

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