The Archbishop of Malta has distanced the Church from a homophobic traditionalist priest who praised a Nazi apologist and ranted about a “Judaic economy”.

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As Malta Today reports, Malta priest David Muscat delivered a speech July 29 at a birthday celebration for Norman Lowell.

Lowell is the head of the far-right party Imperium Europa, which received 3% of the Maltese vote at the last European elections.

In 2004, the politician praised Adolf Hitler as “The Hero” and his manifesto Mein Kampf as “The Book”.

In 2008, he was handed a suspended jail term for crimes of racial hatred and of insulting the President of Malta.

Just last May, Lowell called the Auschwitz concentration camp “the Disneyland of Poland”.

The politician has also claimed irregular migrants should be shot and people with disabilities should be euthanised.

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But priest Muscat praised Lowell for saying things others won’t, particularly on immigration.

“Who is speaking about the Maltese becoming foreigners in their own country? No-one. Because everyone wants the foreigner, for money”, said Muscat.

“Who else is talking about the fact that young people cannot buy a house and have to live in cages?”, lamented the priest.

“Today I feel that Norman, with all his good and bad points, has sown a seed in the hearts of people that will bear its fruit later”, added Muscat.

The priest also referred to the gaming sector and financial services as the “Judaic economy” and said these sectors are not contributing to national wealth.


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The big picture

As Malta Today recalls, Muscat is an outspoken critic of “liberals” inside the Catholic Church.

The priest is currently without a parish since being dismissed from his last assignment in 2014 after disobeying his superiors with a lavish Holy Week procession.

He attracted the ire of many Maltese people in March when he complained about the Church’s support of “sodomites”.

“Gay affirming clerics by preaching sugary coated slogans like ‘God loves you the way you are’, ‘all you need is love’ and ‘if it feels good, do it’ are initiating our young into homosexuality…  and perdition”, Muscat wrote.

For the record

In a tweet Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna distanced the Church from Muscat’s support for Lowell.

“Ideologies that sow hatred and discrimination on the basis of race or culture are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church”, wrote Scicluna.

The Maltese prelate is also one of Pope Francis’ closest collaborators in the fight about child sex abuse in the Church.

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