A Barcelona priest has expressed his desire to one day celebrate a same-sex marriage in a church, saying there are no “decisive” theological reasons not to do so.

Driving the news

Priest Joan Cabot was speaking in an interview with the publication Zona Sec.

The parish priest of the churches of Mare de Déu de Lourdes, Santa Madrona, Sant Salvador d’Horta and Sant Pere Claver in Barcelona said love between two people is always “absolutely legitimate,… humanly, anthropologically and Christianly”.


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The big picture

Asked whether the Catholic Church will one day accept gay marriage, Cabot admitted that “there are legal precepts in canon law that should be modified, theological questions that for me aren’t decisive, but that at the moment have to be taken in account”.

But the priest observed that “even the Pope has shown his respect towards the love between two people of the same sex”.

“Theologically this change is very complicated, I will not see it, but I would like to officiate a homosexual marriage in the Church”, Cabot declared.

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Go deeper

In his interview with Zona Sec, the priest Cabot, who is also archpriest of the Ramblas-Poble Sec area of Barcelona – as well as adjunct secretary of the archdiocesan Presbyteral Council and director of the archdiocesan secretariat for the pastoral care of migrants – gave his opinion on the exclusion of women in the Church.

“There is no objective element that prohibits” women from celebrating Mass as priests, Cabot affirmed.

Rather than doctrine, excluding women from Catholic Church offices “is a matter of tradition”, the priest claimed, recalling that other Christian Churches “have accepted” women’s leadership.

“It can’t be that the Church continues to veto women in certain positions”, Cabot deplored.

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Why it matters

The priest Cabot also referred in the interview to the issue of abortion.

“The Church can give its opinion, but it cannot condition the legislation” on the termination of pregnancies, Cabot said.

“I believe in the right to life, but I am not in favor of prohibiting abortion nor am I against a law that allows abortion to anyone who wants it in conscience”, he continued.

Cabot explained that he was rather in favour of “finding alternatives” to abortion such that the practice is no longer necessary, through measures such as financial and emotional support to new mothers.

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For the record

On the topic, lastly, of the Catalan independence movement, Cabot said that while he personally is in favour of self-determination for the region, he doesn’t let that impact on his ministry, since “as a priest I owe myself to my community”.

“Neither the Church nor the parish should position themselves politically”, the priest explained.

Having said that, Cabot said that the sentences of “many years” jail handed down last week against Catalan independence leaders were “not just”.

“I say that on a personal level. We all know that justice has its shortcomings”, the priest lamented.

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