In case you missed our most-read stories last month…

From our unique analysis of the continuing Black Lives Matter protests to Catholic reactions to the latest developments on the campaign trail in the US to more demands for gender justice in the Church, here’s what you read on Novena in September:

10. “Defiles the Gospel in his words and policies”: Catholics accuse Trump of “fundamental contempt for what it means to be a Christian”

9. German Bishops’ chair says female diaconate “very legitimate”, warns if women leave “the existence of the Church is in danger”

8. Cardinal Hollerich: “It is clear” that current opportunities for women in Church are “not enough”

7. Women take to pulpits in German diocese: “It is not enough to give testimony only in the family or at work”

6. Francis praises as martyr of charity murdered Italian street priest known for devotion to least

5. Afro-Brazilian priests plead with Pope for more Black bishops, complain of knee of Catholic white supremacy “pressing on our necks”

4. Novena readers respond: A Catholic’s case to dump Trump

3. Pontifical Academy for Life makes powerful anti-racism statement with ‘Black Lives Matter’ Pietà

And our two most-read stories last month came from new Novena US contributor Matt Kappadakunnel:

2. While US Bishops are complicit in white privilege, New York City parish leads way forward in fight against racism

1. Black Catholic priest accuses US Bishops of complicity in white privilege

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