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From German religious questioning Church hierarchies to a hint of Catholic-Lutheran reconciliation in 2021 passing through the Church and the Black Lives Matter movement, here are the stories you most responded to on Novena in June:

10. Former Benedictine Abbot Primate questions Church hierarchies: “I find none of it in the Gospels”

9. Pope, on Floyd murder: “We cannot tolerate racism and yet claim to defend the sacredness of life”

8. German nuns describe search for sacrament during COVID-19 beyond “dependence” on ordained men

7. White Jesus images should be cancelled as “tools of white supremacy”, BLM figurehead says

6. German Bishops’ chair warns without more women’s leadership “the Church will soon be finished”

5. Catholic-Lutheran reconciliation in 2021? Ecumenical group asks Pope to lift excommunication of Luther

4. Cardinals gaslight women seeking equality in Church, blame their desire for “power” on “clericalism”

3. Portuguese cardinal discourages communion on the tongue: “Christ said ‘Take and eat’, not ‘Open your mouth’”

2. Portuguese bishop stresses: “One cannot participate in the Eucharist and be racist”

1. Belgian Jesuit calls for women cardinals: “It is vital that the world not always be seen through male eyes”

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