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From the death in Brazil of liberation theology hero Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga or the US Church between social justice unrest and November’s presidential elections to a brave German abbess prosecuted for sheltering refugees, here’s what you read on Novena in August:

10. Theologian denounces “patriarchal and priestly worldview in which churchmen have been educated to feel doubly superior” to women

9. Pedro Casaldàliga, Spanish-born ‘bishop of the poor’ in Brazil and hero of liberation theology, dies at 92

By new Novena US contributor Matt Kappadakunnel:

8. Calling out “call-outs”: how to bring charity to the social justice movement and why it’s important

7. Pope encourages nun accompanying Trans women: “God will reward you abundantly”

Also by Matt Kappadakunnel:

6. Done with Dolan: New York’s cardinal is unfit to serve as a Church leader

5. Female Catholic priest, to hierarchy: “If you don’t want women to celebrate the sacraments, console and bless… stop baptising us!”

4. Vatican archbishop issues plea not to ideologise pro-life cause as abortion becomes weapon in US presidential race

3. Matt Kappadakunnel: USA: A house of divided bishops cannot stand against racism

By new Novena US contributor Patrick Carolan:

2. Cardinal Dolan leading Trump and the Republicans in prayer is a travesty of the gospel

1. German abbess prosecuted for sheltering refugees says she would accept jail term with a “clear conscience”

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