In case you missed them… from an inspiring British lesbian who met the Pope to a new female Catholic “pastor” in Germany, here are Novena’s ten most-read stories in November:

10. Pope shows “concern” for lesbian Christian survivor of gay ‘conversion therapy’

9. Former Irish president claps back at critics, insists John Paul II “rape” quote accurate

8. Meet the British lesbian fighting gay “conversion therapy” with the Gospel

7. French priest cries Christianophobia after nun told to shed habit for retirement home

6. Catholic Twitter piles on traditionalist Cardinal Burke for protesting he’s no “enemy” of Pope Francis

5. French bishop hits out at traditionalist Catholics after ultraconservative interreligious protest

4. Austrian priest celebrates “liturgy of thanksgiving” for lesbian civil marriage

3. Milestone: Italian bishops welcome divorced and remarried Catholics back to sacraments

2. Spanish women quit Church en masse in protest over Catholic “sexism”

1. New female Catholic “pastor” making history in Germany urges other women to follow in her footsteps

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