A Spanish Catholic University president has accused Bill Gates and George Soros of wanting to control the world with a chip in a COVID-19 vaccine, blasting them as “slaves for Satan” for that underhanded plan.

– “In every generation, the Antichrist appears…”

President of the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) in Spain’s south-east, José Luis Mendoza, gave voice to the conspiracy theory June 13 in an address in a celebration for the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of the University.

“Why was the coronavirus announced at the London Olympics? Why were Bill Gates and [George] Soros announcing years ago that the coronavirus was coming? How did this come about? For what reason? They want to control us with a chip when they find a vaccine… to control our will. Who do they think they are? Slaves and servants of Satan. Don’t be afraid of them”, Mendoza ranted in his remarks.

The event in the UCAM was televised on local TV station Popular TV, property of the COPE media group owned by the Spanish Bishops, and a clip of Mendoza’s address has gone viral on Twitter.

On that social network, users have not failed to recall the problematic past of both Mendoza and the UCAM: millions of euros in state subsidies that go to University sports programs, issues with the official recognition of UCAM degrees, Mendoza’s vocal opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage rights, the millions of euros the UCAM president donated to the Vatican in the time of Pope Benedict XVI…

During his speech, Mendoza recognised acknowledged that the COVID-19 era is a time “of suffering”.

The UCAM president wondered, about the coronavirus: “Why does God allow this? Is it God’s will?”

He answered his own questions:

“No. It is the forces of evil. The dark forces of evil. In every generation, the Antichrist appears, along with those who serve him with great power. They want to usurp God’s name. There is a fear of causing harm to the other, but not a fear of doing good. Never will evil triumph over good. Never! It cannot. Darkness cannot overpower the light, [they will] never be able to”.

– Gates describes conspiracy theories as “distressing… craziness”

Mendoza is hardly the only person in the world to suspect Gates and Soros are behind the COVID-19 pandemic, with the New York Times and Zignal Labs concluding that between February and April alone conspiracy theories linking Gates to COVID-19 were mentioned 1.2 million times on television or social media.

According to a Yahoo News and YouGov survey, moreover, more than a quarter of all Americans believe Mendoza’s claim that the Microsoft founder wants to implant chips under the skin with a future COVID-19 vaccine.

But Gates himself has described the conspiracy theories as “distressing… craziness”, and has urged people to stop spreading misinformation to instead “spread the facts” on COVID-19 in order “to collaborate and save lives”.

Soros, the billionaire Jewish Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist, has for his part not responded directly to the conspiracy theories regarding his involvement in COVID-19, but he has called the pandemic “the crisis of my lifetime” and “an unprecedented event that… really endangers the survival of our civilisation”.

Journalists and fact-checkers, meanwhile, have pointed out that the Gates/Soros conspiracy theories around COVID-19 are rehashes of globalist and anti-Semitic tropes dredged up now by far-right groups in order to amplify their hate-filled politics with the loudspeakers of fear and uncertainty.

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