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It has been six weeks since we came together online to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. Over 200 people joined our virtual Zoom liturgy to sing songs together, hear the good news, pray, reflect, and hang our white scarves from our homes in global solidarity.

It was such an enriching experience as we were filled with much joy and hope for many days after our gathering. 

Now, we are excited for our next gathering online to celebrate the feast of Pentecost, the birth of our Church.

This time of the global pandemic has shown us, if anything, that the Holy Spirit is calling us all into something new and more life-giving. We can no longer return to our old ways.

Fifty days after the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit descended on Christ’s disciples, and from then on has accompanied believers and enabled them to pray and preach the Good News.

The Holy Spirit comes to frightened, closed and hopeless women and men and transforms them into a strong and free community – open and ready to reach out to others. According to the words of St. Paul, the Holy Spirit makes one body out of us, in which each of us is irreplaceable.

The women of the Catholic Women’s Council want to come together and celebrate our diversity and equality – our sisterhood in the Holy Spirit.

Liturgy Program:

We will have all prayer texts available in German, English, and Italian. This will be sent to you via email once you register.

11:00 – Welcome and introduction
11:05 – Introductory song
11:10 – Spiritual impulse
11:15 – Commentary: We seek community in a time of loneliness
11:20 – Silent prayer and song
11:25 – Reading from Acts of Apostles (2:1-11)
11:30 – Commentary: Birth of community, Birth of the Church
11:45 – Prayers from around the world
11:55 – Magnificat
12:00 – Blessing

Please note: You must register via this Eventbrite link to join us on Pentecost Sunday. The virtual liturgy will be via Zoom video conferencing.

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