With a gender equality petition in Germany, a Church “revolt” in Spain and global protests for their dignity, Catholic women’s frustrations with the Church are reaching boiling point, especially after their disappointment with the Pope’s post-Amazon Synod exhortation.

– German Catholic women collect 130,000 signatures for a “gender-sensitive Church”

The German Association of Catholic Women (KFD) announced February 19 that Catholic women’s groups across Germany have now collected over 130,000 signatures for a “gender-sensitive Church”.

“We want a Church in which women have access to all ministries and offices and are finally 50% of the people involved in all decisions”, says one of the demands in the now 130,000 people-strong petition.

The petition also argues that women should have the right to have their vocations taken seriously, whether those vocations are to higher management positions in the Church or to the ordained diaconate or priesthood.

“We are thrilled with the success of this campaign”, said KFD Federal President Mechthild Heil.

“We were aware that many women (and also men) have a desire to renew the church under their skin”, Heil added, emphasising that in view of the mass of signatures, the petition organisers “certainly won’t let go” of the drive for reform.

The German Catholic women’s petition, with its thousands of signatures, will be presented to the German Bishops March 2 at the start of the prelates’ spring general assembly in Mainz.

– Spanish male and female religious join laywomen’s “revolt” March 1

In Spain, meanwhile, preparations for a Catholic women’s Church “revolt” March 1 in front of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid are proceeding apace, with the Spanish Conference of Male and Female Religious (CONFER) now lending their support to the “rebellion”.

“With the motto ‘Until equality becomes customary’, the conveners have organised themselves to express their revolt in the Church through music, reflection, silence, prayer, songs, dance…”, CONFER recalled in a note on its website.

“In the encounter a manifesto will be read”, the male and female religious said.

“Similar initiatives are currently being launched in other places in Spain.

“According to the conveners, they raise their voices and protest because they live deep discrimination in the Church and the time has come for them to say ‘Enough is enough!’

“They want to denounce the multiple forms of injustice and invisibility they suffer in the Church”, CONFER explained.

Spanish Catholic women organise Church “revolt”, “until equality becomes customary”

– Church equality protests in 19 cities around the world on International Women’s Day March 8

For their part, for their global protests on International Women’s Day March 8, the international Catholic women’s rights group Voices of Faith has now organised demonstrations in 19 locations around the world, the group announced February 18.

“Together Catholic women across the globe unite in solidarity on International Women’s Day 2020 and take responsibility for their future. We are not longer asking for permission because WE ARE THE CHANGE!”, Voices of Faith celebrated in a press release.

– Quotes from the Voices of Faith International Women’s Day campaign

Maria Mesrian: “Strike dignity from all church documents, from all sermons – until you have realized it in equal rights”

Dr Cristina Gomez: “‘Woman’ is not a theologoumenon; she is a real person with her own voice, struggles, and hopes”

Sister Ingrid Grave: “You don’t know any further? Ask us! Together we are strong! Your church women”

Doris Wagner: “Clerics make up not even 0.1 percent of the Catholic faithful in Germany. Why do they represent 46 percent of the synodal assembly?”

Simone Curau-Aepli: “Because we are worthy of women, we demand #equality. Point. Amen”

Chantal Götz: “I’m tired of people telling me that I need patience. There is no time for patience when you fight for social justice: the institution Catholic Church is unjust and I have every right to say “impatience is a virtue'”

Catholic Women – You Are The Change!
March 8th 2020 – International Women’s Day Global Action

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