A child stowaway was found dead Wednesday in the undercarriage of an Air France plane at a Paris airport, officials said.

The dead child was discovered on January 8 in the landing gear of an Air France plane in Paris, as ANSA reported.

The aircraft had travelled to Charles De Gaulle airport from Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast.

The discovery has sparked outrage worldwide, including from the Catholic Church group Sant’Egidio, which issued the following statement:

The death of a child in the carriage of an airplane from the Ivory Coast to Paris is a great pain that cannot leave us indifferent

Europe must listen to the cry of Africa, and the African countries offer a future to their young people.

His name and his precise age are still unknown, perhaps about ten years: he died of cold, dreaming of Europe, in the trolley of a plane that traveled from Abidjan to Paris.

The discovery of this terrible emigration drama, this morning at Roissy – Charles de Gaulle airport, cannot leave us indifferent.

The Community of Sant’Egidio, which for years, with the Schools of Peace, has been committed in many parts of the world – including in Ivory Coast – to offer a future to the children of the suburbs expresses its condolences to the Ivorian people and family members of the victim.

This tragedy, similar to that of the two Guinean teenagers, Yaguine and Fodé, who died in August 1999 on the plane that brought them to Belgium, must push Europe to listen to the cry of Africa, favoring its development in a concrete and urgent way and African countries to worry about their many young people asking for school, work, future.

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