The resurgence of clericalism in the Vatican, Hagia Sophia, the non-stop push for the ordination of women... This was July on Novena

The resurgence of clericalism in the Vatican, Hagia Sophia, the non-stop push for the ordination of women… This was July on Novena

In case you missed them…

From a controversial new Vatican instruction resurrecting clericalism to the controversy over Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia passing through the ever-growing demands for women’s ordination, these were your favourite stories on Novena in July:

10. “Something must change”: Pallottine vice-provincial calls for women’s ordination, part-time married priests

9. Opinion: Vatican instruction on parish life buries dream of lay-clerical co-responsibility

8. German bishops protest en masse over “absurd”, “theologically deficient” Vatican instruction on parish reform

7. Female clergy in Church of Sweden outnumber male counterparts for first time in history

6. Italian nun accuses Viganò of “throwing pearls before swine” by providing Catholic cover for Trump

5. Analysis: Francis speaks out against Hagia Sophia mosque reconversion… Too little, too late?

4. Spanish theologian: “The pandemic is making it clear that humanity doesn’t need this Church”

3. Cardinal Marx rips new Vatican document on parish life: “No fruit is borne like this”

2. On women deacons, US expert says Pope waiting for more forceful demand to come from faithful

1. Renowned German Benedictine and Pope ‘guru’ claims “there are no theological reasons against the priesthood of women”

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