Coronavirus fears have claimed the March and May running of education and economy events planned by Pope Francis, as the pontiff continues to maintain a limited agenda as he recovers from a cold.

Global Compact on Education rescheduled for October

The Global Compact on Education, an event promoted by Pope Francis “to revive commitment to and with the younger generations”, has been postponed from 10-17 May to 11-18 October 2020.

The decision to reschedule the event was taken in light of the “uncertainty linked to the spread of coronavirus, along with the decisions taken by public authorities on a global scale”, according to a press release from the Congregation for Catholic Education, which has been entrusted with task of organizing the event.

“The Global Pact is not limited to educational and academic institutions but rather, in the belief that commitment to education must be shared by all, involves representatives of religions, international bodies and the various humanitarian institutions, of the academic, economic, political and cultural world”, the Congregation said.

“From this perspective”, the statement continues, “it can be understood that the broader and more varied participation desired by Pope Francis is not an additional dimension to the Global Compact on Education but rather constitutes at the same time the premise and purpose of such an alliance”.

New November date for “Economy of Francesco” event to accommodate 2,000 young attendees from 115 countries

In the meantime, a new date has also been set for the “Economy of Francesco” event in Assisi.

The organising committee of the conference has announced that the event, previously set for 26-28 March, will now be taking place on the 21 November in Assisi.

The change in date comes because of the difficulties many people are facing in travelling, both on an international and national level due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Holy Father, therefore, in agreement with the committee, has set the new date of his meeting to accomodate the 2,000 young people from 115 countries who are due to attend the event.

On March 28th there will be a meeting in the Papal Hall of the Sacred Convent of Assisi for a webinar with the young people of the participating countries.

(Source: MJ/Vatican News)

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