At the morning Mass he celebrated this Easter Monday in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis prayed for politicians and scientists:

“Let us pray today for the authorities, the scientists, the politicians, who have begun to study the way out, the post-pandemic, this ‘day after’ [the coronavirus] that has already begun: that they find the right path, always in favor of the people, always in favor of the people”.

In his homily, the pontiff commented on today’s Gospel (Mt 28: 8-15), in which the risen Jesus appears to some women, exhorting them to tell his disciples to go to Galilee, for there they will see him.

Meanwhile, the Evangelist notes that the priests corrupt the soldiers guarding the tomb, telling them to report that Jesus’ disciples had come at night to steal the body while they slept.

“The Gospel proposes an option that also applies today: the hope of the resurrection of Jesus or nostalgia for the grave”, the Pope affirmed.

“Therefore, to find solutions to this pandemic, the choice will be between life, the resurrection of the peoples, and the god of money.

“If money is chosen, the path of hunger, slavery, wars, weapons manufacturing, children without education is chosen… there is the grave”.

May the Lord help us to choose the good of the people, was the Pope’s prayer, never falling into the grave of the god of money.

Full text of the Pope’s homily

(Translation: Novena)

Today’s Gospel presents us with a choice, a daily choice, a human choice, but one that has continued since that day: the choice between joy [and] hope for the resurrection of Jesus or nostalgia for the grave.

Women go ahead and carry the announcement: God always begins with women, always. They open paths. They don’t doubt, they know; they have seen him, they have touched him. They have also seen the empty tomb.

It’s true that the disciples couldn’t believe it and said: “But these women are perhaps too imaginative”… I do not know, they had their doubts. But they were sure and in the end they continued like this until today: Jesus is risen, he is alive among us.

And then there is the other: it is better not to live, with the empty grave. This empty tomb will bring us so many problems. And then the decision to hide the fact.

It’s like always: when we don’t serve God, the Lord, we serve the other god, money.

Let us remember what Jesus said: they are two lords, the Lord God and the lord money. You can’t serve both of them. And to get out of this truth, out of this reality, the priests, the doctors of the law chose the other way, the way offered them by the god of money, and they paid: they paid for silence. The silence of the witnesses.

One of the guards had confessed, as soon as Jesus had died: “This man was truly the Son of God!”

These poor people don’t understand, they’re afraid because life is at stake… and they went to the priests, to the doctors of the law. And they paid: they paid for silence, and this, dear brothers and sisters, is not bribery: this is pure corruption, pure corruption.

If you don’t confess Jesus Christ the Lord, think where is the seal of your grave, where is your corruption.

It’s true that many people do not confess Jesus because they don’t know him, because we have not consistently announced him, and this is our fault.

But when before the evidence we take this path [of the god of money], it’s the path of the devil, it’s the path of corruption. Money paid to keep quiet.

Even today, in the face the imminent – hopefully soon – imminent end of this pandemic, we have the same choice: either we choose life, the resurrection of the people, or we choose the god of money: to return to the grave of hunger, slavery, wars, arms factories, uneducated children… there is the grave.

May the Lord, be it in our personal life or in our social life, help us always to choose the announcement: the announcement that is horizon, that is open, always; may He lead us to choose the good of the people. And to never fall into the grave of the god of money.

(With information from Vatican News)

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