The Patriarch of Venice, Francesco Moraglia, wrote a letter to the diocese on the occasion of the Easter solemnities that could not lived in the usual way due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In his letter, which he titled “Everything is grace”, the Patriarch thanked first of all the priests who “with their communities, strive to keep communion alive in this time of diaspora”, as well as to accompany COVID-19 patients.

He also praised the Venetian diocesan Caritas, soup kitchens, shelters, aid centres and halfway houses that take in the most fragile.

Patriarch Moraglia then addressed special thoughts to the sick and the deceased and their families and asked everyone, in compliance with the provisions of the law, “to commit themselves, in a spirit of faith, with wisdom and healthy creativity, to keep alive even the slightest glimmer of reciprocity”.

In that context, the Venice Patriarch reflected on the fact that the current situation is showing that “solidarity and interdependence are not only rules that must be applied, but lifestyles that must be taken on board”.

“As a Church… we must seek a new cultural approach, develop new lifestyles, to place… in the centre of culture and society the person and the relationship in which the origin of the person is found: the family”, Moraglia affirmed.

The Patriarch asked civil authorities to reflect on “a financial system and an economy… attentive to the ethical question”, and to ensure that “they know how to consider the weaknesses and needs of men”.

“We must strive for a political culture which is not improvised [and is] capable of putting the person and the common good of health first, before other choices: above all, before worrying about GDP”, Moraglia added.

“So, we must commit ourselves to a financial system and an economy that puts the universal destiny of goods first, correlating this principle of private property in a balanced way”.

The Patriarch of Venice then invited believers to awaken their dormant energies and to “rediscover hidden vocations and talents, rekindling the proclamation of the Gospel” and “renewing forgotten intentions”.

The prelate then recalled a thought loved by various saints: “Everything is grace”.

A thought that accompanied many – like Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and Dietrich Bonhoeffer – in the darkest moments of life, leading them “to believe that God is always at work precisely when he seems absent”.

“Yes, everything is grace, and for those who want to scrutinise the Mystery, then the invisible becomes visible”, concluded Moraglia, adding that “it is evident that, if everything that happens is not only the will of God, but that nothing happens without his will allowing it, then either God wants it or God allows it, always towards the horizon of a higher good”.

Finally, the Patriarch of Venice invoked the intercession of Our Lady of Health, so that in this trial her maternal presence can be felt.

(With reporting by Tiziana Campisi, Vatican News)

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