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From a German bishop’s criticism of “whining” demands for Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic to the Orthodox Church’s strong condemnation of Christian nationalism, here are Novena’s ten most-read stories in April:

10. Jesuit Superior General denounces COVID-19 “being used by some to consolidate their power”

9. Coronavirus: German bishop criticises “whining”, “belligerent” demands for Mass

8. German Bishops’ vice president: “If I were Pope, the first thing I’d do would be revise the ordination of women”

7. Liberation theologian, on coronavirus: “All individualism, soul of the culture of capital, is false and anti-human”

6. Theologian blasts “quasi-magical” online COVID-19 Masses: “It seems that grace can’t leave churches”

5. Theologians propose ‘do-it-yourself’ sacraments to beat coronavirus, clericalism

4. Orthodox Church condemns Christian nationalism: “There could be no greater contradiction of the Gospel”

3. COVID-19: German bishop blasts Catholics’ “obsession” with Eucharist

2. Portuguese cardinal calls “ignorance, fanaticism or madness” belief coronavirus is God’s punishment

1. German Bishops’ head: “If a gay couple lives with faithfulness, can’t we say their relationship is blessed by God?”

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