Every two years, the members of the European region of SIGNIS meet for a General Assembly, a time of gathering with topics on media and communication.

This year, thanks to the invaluable help of our Italian members, Don Walter Insero, Sergio Perugini and Massimo Giraldi, and the Italian Bishops’ Conference, the stay in Rome was an intense training but very friendly. On Monday, Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, presented the reorganization of his services. Then Elisa Angelici made a well-documented presentation on the use of social networks around the world, and the importance of pictures and videos to reach younger generations.

On Tuesday, we were welcomed at the Bishops’ Conference headquarters by Vincenzo Corrado (Communication Office) and Don Walter Insero, for a day of conferences around the use of media in a digital environment. Fabio Falzone (TV 2000), Daniele Rocchi (SIR Agency) and Daniel Arasa (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross) gave very lively presentations.

All emphasized the importance of building a “community” through the various tools at our disposal. Their speeches raised many questions. The day ended with a convivial dinner around the best dishes of Italian cuisine.

Paul Samasumo, vice-president of SIGNIS World and Maria Chiara De Lorenzo, General Director of SIGNIS Service Rome, joined the group of participants. On Wednesday morning, the members of SIGNIS Europe were invited to the Papal audience, where they were able to greet Pope Francis in person.

Twenty people attended these different meetings and 11 European delegations were present at this General Assembly: Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovenia, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Malta, as well as Lebanon, representing the Middle East. Father Abdo Abou Kassm, the delegate for Lebanon, officially invited the members of SIGNIS Europe to hold their next General Assembly in his country in the spring of 2021. An invitation that the European members accepted with enthusiasm.

(SIGNIS Europe)