From controversial Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in Portugal to a homophobic politician in Finland complaining of “anti-Christian persecution”… August was again a busy month on Novena.

Here’s our most-read for the month, in descending order:

10. Orbán, Trump chief of staff in secret far-right meet in Fátima

9. Former papal rep to Great Britain pleads with Pope for women priests

8. ‘La Manif pour tous’: the coming-out of French conservatism

[Book review by Novena Athens collaborator George Karpouzas]

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What do French Catholics fear the most? The far right

7. Bishop blasts Salvini for “indecent” political “exploitation” of Catholic symbols

6. Retired Münster bishop: “Church can bless same-sex partnerships”

5. Homophobic Finnish politician cries wolf on “anti-Christian persecution”

Around Novena:

This is what religion will look like in the future

4. Bishop of Derry: “Brexit is being led by English nationalism”

3. Novena interview:

Dr. Jere Kyyrö, Finnish religion researcher: “The Pope criticises the populists, but he also criticises the idea of a secular Europe”

2. Croatian bishop condemns outbreak of “unacceptable” anti-Serb violence

1. Novena special guest article:

Danail Hristov, author and researcher: “Celibacy: a godsend or a life-undermining practice?”

From all of us at Novena:

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