In case you missed our most-read stories on Novena last month…

From the French laywomen “apostles” who refuse to be bowed in their fight against clericalism to the new Vatican Synod secretary’s thoughts on authentic “conversion” to the Pope’s new encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’, here’s what you readers most responded to our page in October:

10. German bishop launches tirade against clericalism: “A priest is not holier or more valuable by virtue of his office”

9. French Catholic feminist ‘apostles’ express “perplexity and immense disappointment” with new Archbishop of Lyon

8. Vatican official deplores Church “patriarchy”, warns religious denigration of women “always has social consequences”

7. Liberation theologian Boff, on “landmark” ‘Fratelli tutti’: “The Pope has done his part. It is up to us not to let the dream stay just a dream”

6. Women tell Pope ahead of publication of “sexist” encyclical: “Please don’t pretend to be synodal if you are unprepared to actually listen”

5. Synod secretary laments “enormous energy” Church expends “trying to convert secular society”: “It is more important to convert ourselves”

4. Swedes complain to UN over government’s “brutal” treatment of unaccompanied young migrants

3. Priest goes viral with sermon backing ordination of women and blessing of gay couples, blasting Catholic “bouncers”

2. Special to Novena by Director of Catholic Outreach for Vote Common Good Patrick Carolan: I’m a committed Catholic and I’m backing Biden because of his position on abortion

1. In ‘Fratelli tutti’, Pope sets out vision for new world order post-COVID beyond nationalism, capitalism

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