Among the youngest bishops of the Catholic Church, Ukrainians confidently take the leading positions.

Fr. Petro S. Balog, Director of the Institute of Religious Sciences of St. Thomas Aquinas in Kyiv, wrote about this on Facebook.

“There are areas where Ukraine is the world leader. For instance, on the list of youngest living Catholic bishops,” he noted.

This list of hierarchs includes 6 Greek Catholics and 2 Roman Catholics. Next, come the bishops from India and Albania.

The youngest among the young bishops is Stepan Sus – 38 years old. He is followed by Petro Loza – 40, Ivan Kulyk – 40, Oleksandr Yazlovetsky – 40, Edward Kava – 41, Yosafat Moshchych – 43, Volodymyr Hrutsa – 43, Hryhoriy Komar – 43.

“A month later, 42-year-old Pavlo Honcharuk, a future ordinary of Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhia diocese, will join the list,” Fr. Petro S. Balog added.

As we have already informed, on January 12, in Kyiv Episcopal Cathedral of the UGCC, the episcopal consecration of Bishop Stepan Sus was held.

The youngest bishops of the Catholic Church, according to Wikipedia

(Source: RISU)

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