In case you missed them… from global Catholic women’s protests for equality in the Church to the Pope on “holier than thou” Christians, here are Novena’s ten most-read stories in February:

10. “Something very wrong”, “clock is ticking”: “crisis point” in Irish Church reaches apocalyptic level

9. 130,000-strong petition in Germany, “revolt” in Spain, global protests… Catholic women’s frustrations reach boiling point

8. Pope says ‘holier than thou’ believers unwilling to help others, “get hands dirty” only “superficial” Christians

7. Catholic women raise stakes after Amazon exhortation ordination denial, call for abolition of all Church hierarchies

6. Austrian Catholic women join sisters in Germany, Switzerland and Italy in demanding equal access to ordained ministry

5. Women to take over pulpits for a Sunday in Germany in push for Church gender equality

4. Coronavirus: Italian Church cancels Masses, Ash Wednesday services as over 200 infected and five dead

3. Pope warns against “climbers in cassocks”: “If a shepherd isn’t humble, he is not a disciple of Jesus”

2. Spanish women theologians shout “Enough!” with “deep discrimination” in Church, call on Catholic women to “revolt”

1. Catholic Freemasons “certainly not” excommunicated, says Austrian member of Vatican interfaith dialogue body

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