The national conference of the Young Catholic Communities of Germany (KjG) decided on Saturday to open its committees to people of all genders and sexual identies from  next year . So far, only equality between women and men has been mandatory.

“The KjG is fundamentally solidary and against any kind of oppression, which includes openness to and heartfelt dealings with people of different sexual identities,” said Spiritual Section leader Rebekka Biesenbach to following the decision.

Since 2014, the topic has been under discussion. Gender-friendly spellings had already been introduced in a binding manner; now, this inclusive language is transferred onto the structures.

The diocesan confederations have two years to adapt their statutes; at the levels below, the changes must be made in five years.

According to the KjG, suitable persons should be sought for the posts by 2020.

Along with male and female, intersex has been an option in German birth registries since January 1 of this year.