(Source: Catholic Women’s Council)

The Catholic Women’s Council invites all women to hang white scarves from their windows and balconies on Easter Sunday to carry the resurrection message out into the world.

Then join us for a virtual liturgy via zoom at 10:00am Central European Time and hear from women across the globe!

When: Easter Sunday, 12th April 2020
Time: 10:00am Central European Time 
How: Via Zoom, please download on your computer or phone to participate 
Dress: We invite you to wear something white to the liturgy
Register: Please email us to receive the Zoom video conferencing link and the liturgy program: info@voicesoffaith.org

Mary Magdalene’s Easter Alleluia! 

According to the story of John’s gospel, Mary Magdalene travelled alone on Easter morning, walking through empty streets on her way to the tomb.

She is the first witness of the resurrection. She is the apostle of the apostles. Mary Magdalene, Mary the lighthouse.

For more than 2000 years, from generation to generation, women have passed on the Good News of the Resurrection and of life, from grandmother, to mother to daughter.

From women religious to neighbours to sisters, to students and so on.

Mary Magdalene’s Easter Alleluia went around the world.

And today, in 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, we encourage women to stand at their windows, on their balconies, at the entrances to the tents and we shout the Easter greeting to each other, from woman to woman, around the world: Alleluia!

The white shawl reminds us of the linen bandages in the tomb: Christ lives! And they show that all people have equal dignity and equal rights, in society and in the Church.

This message is especially important now, so that we can take good care of one another and overcome violence and bring peace to this world.

Drawings by Costanza Alvarez De Castro

To find out more about the liturgy, follow this link to the Catholic Women’s Council website

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