(September 22, 2020)

The State of Kerala in India has as one of its mottos, “God’s Own Country.”

The same motto does not apply to the United States.

The US cannot be considered a godly country until it returns the stolen land to the people that God gave the land to.

America must come to terms with its sins and seek atonement:

  • Robbing Native American land and murdering countless Indigenous people, leaving the descendants decimated and destitute
  • Slavery and systemic inequality towards Black persons
  • Exploitation of Latinx and Asian workers
  • Japanese internment camps during World War II
  • Detention camps on the US southern border and the separation of children from families,

among other racial injustices experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

The unifying characteristic among these wrongs is that they are rooted in white supremacy.

This same white supremacy formed the basis for Manifest Destiny and other inequitable doctrines to justify stealing Native lands and exploiting Native people on nearly every continent.

America does not belong to those who stole it: it belongs to God and to the people God gave the land to.

Therefore America, give the land back to the Indigenous People and repent of white supremacy.

I propose reparation in the form of a very high tax on the ultrawealthy that would go to people of the First Peoples. The funding can be used for their land, education, social services, and other pressing needs. 

This tax would hurt, and it is supposed to hurt.

The ultrawealthy earned their riches on the land and the backs of the Indigenous People. The ultrawealthy made and/or grew their wealth on land that was never theirs. 

My other proposal includes a tax of a different kind: a racism tax, particularly on white supremacy.

Since white supremacy resulted in the robbing of Native American land, then white supremacists need to pay.

I propose that any white supremacist word or deed lead to immediate expulsion from this country.

This country never belonged to white supremacists, and white supremacy does not belong here.

Should this land still be called “America?” Amerigo Vespucci did not discover this land; this land was and is home to the Indigenous People. 

Let the Indigenous People name the land.

Let the Indigenous People form the government.

Let the Indigenous People repopulate the land once again.

When the Indigenous People have reclaimed this country, it can once again be referred to as a godly nation. 

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Matt Kappadakunnel has a background in investment management and investment banking. Additionally, Matt spent multiple years studying to be a Catholic priest. He is a graduate of Creighton University and is a CFA Charterholder. Matt lives in Los Angeles with his wife and toddler, and they are expecting a newborn in November.