'Green deal' for Europe

Catholic aid org CIDSE calls on EU “to make ‘Green Deal’ work” for partner countries, climate, biodiversity

The Catholic aid organisation CIDSE (Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité) has called on the EU “to make the ‘Green Deal’ work” for Europe’s international partner countries, the climate and biodiversity.

Full text of the CIDSE press release:

This joint briefing by 14 climate, environment and development NGOs including CIDSE, offers a set of recommendations in response to the European Commission’s Communication (11 December 2019) and sets out guiding principles and policy recommendations for Commissioner Urpilainen, to ensure the European Green Deal delivers for people in the EU’s partner countries, the climate and biodiversity.

Recommendations cover EU actions on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Convention on Biodiversity, the Renewed Partnership and the Comprehensive Strategy with Africa, funding the transition and programming the Neighbourhood, Development & International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI).

The paper sets out principles to guide action to ensure the European Green Deal delivers for people in the EU’s partner countries, the climate and biodiversity: policy coherence for sustainable development, climate and environment mainstreaming, a human-rights based approach, gender equality, and inclusiveness and participation.

(Source: CIDSE)

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