From the team at Novena, to all our dear readers: a very happy, prosperous and blessed 2020 to you all.

As our way of ringing in the New Year, we thought we’d take a look back at our 20 most popular stories from this last year, that no doubt will continue to have repercussions into 2020.

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See you in 2020 with lots more stories!

Novena’s top 20 in 2019:

20. Openly gay Amsterdam priest wins Vatican appeal against dismissal

19. French bishop admits “Jesus’ view of women was much more open than ours”

18. Danail Hristov, author and researcher: “Celibacy: a godsend or a life-undermining practice?”

17. Austrian priest celebrates “liturgy of thanksgiving” for lesbian civil marriage

16. Historic: Pope scraps pontifical secret in clergy abuse cases, raises age for child porn

15. Milestone: Italian bishops welcome divorced and remarried Catholics back to sacraments

14. Homophobic Finnish politician cries wolf on “anti-Christian persecution”

13. New Swiss clerical ‘vestment’ gives lay men and women ministers step towards recognition they deserve

12. Spanish women quit Church en masse in protest over Catholic “sexism”

11. Ultra-Catholic Bannon group ordered to vacate Italian monastery under threat of police escort… but granted last-minute reprieve

10. Krakow Archbishop fires Catholic women for not being married

9. ‘Pope’s theologian’ convinced that “in time, doors will be opened” to women at altar

8. Let women be cardinals if they are ordained to the diaconate, says Cardinal Hollerich

7. Pontifical Biblical Commission moves to justify divorce, more “pastoral care” for gays

6. German Bishops insist homosexuality “normal”, sex after divorce and remarriage not a “serious sin”

5. New female Catholic “pastor” making history in Germany urges other women to follow in her footsteps

4. Vatican official: Homosexuality-pedophilia link a “great injustice”, “criminalisation” of gay identity

3. Cardinal Marx calls for laypeople to be allowed to preach at Mass

2. Pope’s dream comes true as 24/7 church for poor opens in Rome

1. Polish archbishop blasts Greta Thunberg as Antichrist