Women, of all ages and from various walks of life, will gather on Sunday 8th March outside the residence of the Papal Nuncio in Dublin to send a strong message to Pope Francis that they will no longer tolerate the second class status of women in the Catholic Church. 

They will join thousands of other women on International Women’s Day, in 26 locations across the world, in their common struggle to achieve equality and dignity for women in the Catholic Church.

When: Sunday, 8th March
Time: 12.30pm
Where: Outside Apostolic Nunciature, 183 Navan Road. Dublin

It will be a peaceful gathering.

One of the organisers of the event Ursula Halligan said:

“The Catholic Church purports to represent the People of God on earth, yet excludes half its membership from leadership positions, because they are female.

“As a result the institutional church has become an old boy’s club where women are invisible.

“Women will no longer put up with second class status.

“Many have chosen to walk away. We choose to stay and claim our equality. We believe you can’t have a church without women.”

Women will lay large floral wreaths shaped in the letters: “No Woman, No Church” at the entrance to the Papal Nuncio’s residence and sing an adaptation of Bob Marley song “No Woman, No Cry” (No Woman, No Church) A statement will also be read out.

(Source: We Are Church Ireland)

Statement of We Are Church Ireland on International Women’s Day

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