The Irish Primate is defending the “prophet” Greta Thunberg as Polish bishops redouble their attacks on the Swedish anti-climate change campaigner.

Driving the news

“I can’t understand why people would choose to attack Greta Thunberg”, Irish Primate and Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin told The Tablet in comments reported December 30.

“She is passionate about what she believes; she is only a young girl and she is speaking prophetically to the world and what do we do? We attack her. We attack her message”, Martin continued.

“In fact, there are a lot of deniers who believe that this is all made up and yet we see the reality of climate change and we know scientists are absolutely unanimous in telling us that human behaviour is at least aggravating the problem”.

Go deeper

Archbishop Martin was speaking days after Krakow archbishop Marek Jedraszewski lambasted Thunberg and her anti-global warming cause, warning that “ecologism is very dangerous and contrary to the Bible”.

In a message diametrically opposed to that of Pope Francis and senior Vatican officials, Jedraszewski castigated Thunberg for “becoming an oracle for all political and social forces” that are trying to “break with the entire Christian tradition”.

Deputy mayor of Warsaw Pawel Rabiej, among others, fiercely criticised Jedraszewski for his ignorance comments, telling the prelate to “go to hell” and lamenting also “there is no worse plague in the civilised world than those who question the need to care for our planet”.

Why it matters

But instead of backing away from Jedraszewski, and realigning themselves with the Catholic and broader social mainstream on the necessity of what the Pope calls “integral ecology”, the ultraconservative Polish episcopate published on its website “an open letter of support and solidarity” for the Krakow archbishop.

Signed by fifteen archbishops and bishops present at a Christmas meeting in Rzeszów, the letter expresses “solidarity” with Jedraszewski “against the harmful attacks that the Defender of the Gospel must endure”.

“It is always glorious to be on the side of Christian anthropology which sees the image of God in man”, the fifteen pro-Jedraszewski, anti-Francis and anti-Greta prelates wrote, before assuring the Krakow archbishop of their “brotherly prayer and unity in Christ”.

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