“I have the feeling that sometimes, especially on the web, the air is charged with excessive controversy and an irresponsible use of one’s freedom. One is truly free only when one is fully responsible for one’s actions and when, with humility, one never considers oneself to be better than others”.

The president of the CEI, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, in his speech at the international conference on the occasion of the centenary of the appeal to all ‘free and strong’ men, underway in Caltagirone, pointed out the need to “put our freedom as children of God at the service of the common good, with gratuitousness, hope and charity”.

“Sterile division between ‘social’ and ‘doctrinaire’ Catholics”

The cardinal then judged it “fundamental to overcome that harmful and sterile division of the past between the so-called ‘social Catholics’ and the ‘doctrinaire Catholics’ that still continues to persist in our communities”.

The current context, recalled the prelate, is that of “a society in which the whole human body has been commodified and the concept of man and woman, of male and female, of family and life has been questioned “.

“To this biopolitical war there has then been added a very hard economic crisis that destroyed social certainties that seemed rock-solid and generated collective fears and exhumed ancient ideological hatreds that undermine the peaceful coexistence of men”.

“For these reasons, today, we have before us a ‘new social question’ that characterizes the society in which we live”.