The team at Novena keeps its finger on the pulse of religion news and current affairs in Europe so that you don’t have to.

Each day our reporters and social media team monitor reports from everywhere from Spain to the Ukraine and beyond in search of the most relevant news stories to bring to you.

All with the analysis and expertise required to get to all angles of what’s going on.

English-language exclusives

Many of the stories we brought you in July weren’t covered by other English-speaking outlets.

Just in the last few days, for example, we were the only English-speaking site to bring you the news of a brave bishop in Hungary speaking out against his country’s growing totalitarian Government.

We were also the only outlet to bring you the story of the German parish priest who quit out of frustration with what he called the “power-obsessed, arrogant Church”.

Both English-language exclusives prove Novena is your go-to source for stories not only on religion and politics but also on the inner day-to-day workings of the Church.

We get to the worries, and joys, of the people on the ground who make it happen.

Some other Novena English exclusives in July:

Papal rep in Spain hits out at “democraships” in US, Italy, Hungary

German bishop chides US counterpart for denying communion to pro-abortion politicians

Swiss Catholic women plan Church “laboratory”, “financial pressure” in push for equality

Italian priest calls for ‘Day of the Unknown Migrant’

Vatican fires Portuguese physician pushing for euthanasia referendum

Swiss priest calls on Pope to establish independent clergy abuse tribunals

In-depth investigation

In July Novena also brought you detailed commentary on some hot-button issues in and around religion in Europe, from the brutal secularisation of the Netherlands to religious freedom in Europe to the euthanasia of the Frenchman at the centre of a heated right-to-life debate, Vincent Lambert.

On the level of the Catholic Church, last month we were taken up particularly with this coming October’s Amazon Synod, exposing conservative ‘fake news’ around alleged German funding of this watershed event in the life of the worldwide Church.

Nuanced opinion

Along with our English-language exclusives and in-depth investigation pieces, we at Novena also published in July an important number of opinion articles and editorials:

Editorial: Let’s not call Salvini Catholic

Novena responds: Why we support the Amazon Synod

Benedict’s meddling only encourages anti-Francis conspirators

Unashamed ecclesiality

Last month, too, we at Novena got behind the major Church organisations in Europe, covering important stories from Caritas, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE), and the peace movement Pax Christi, among other bodies.

We support these movements out of our sense of duty and pride of belonging to the institutional Church, with all its lights and shadows.

Perhaps what we at Novena are most proud of, though, is our unwavering support for Pope Francis.

We listened closely to what the Pope said last month, whether he was writing about the “disgusting vice” of prostitution or calling for an end to migrant “tragedies” in the Mediterranean.

Not only that, but we tried to understand the changes the Pope wants at the John Paul II Institute in Rome – beyond the conservative noise – and tried to unpack different aspects of the opposition Francis attracts.

This makes us one of the only outlets attuned both to the Church of Pope Francis and to the goings-on in wider society, fully supportive of journalists covering different and overlapping beats.


Out of the more than 100 stories we published in July, these were your top five:

5. Polish Bishops insult gays, clergy abuse victims

4. Benedict’s meddling only encourages anti-Francis conspirators

3. Six times ultraconservative Cardinal Sarah opposed Pope Francis

2. Putin won’t sway Pope on Ukraine

1. Cardinal Marx calls for laypeople to be allowed to preach at Mass

Over to you…

All in all, it’s been a busy first month online for Novena!

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