Controversial Maltese priest David Muscat has launched a racist attack on this year’s Victory Day speaker, technology expert Dr. Abdalla Kablan.

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As Lovin Malta reports, Muscat unloaded on Kablan Sunday in a speech at the Victory Day Memorial in Valletta.

To the Otto settembre celebrations this year “all the country’s big shots came all dressed up but the main speech was given by Dr Abdalla Kablan, who isn’t even Maltese”, Muscat complained.

Lovin Malta said Muscat added and over-emphasised an ‘h’ at the end of Kablan’s first name “to drive the point home”.

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On his Twitter page, Kablan describes himself as an entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, and academic interested in fintech, AI, blockchain and data science.

He is the founder and executive chairman of the Delta Summit, a digital innovation conference.

Though Kablan is of Libyan extract, he is Maltese and has lived in Malta all his life, Lovin Malta said.

In his Victory Day speech, the expert compared Malta’s victory at the Great Siege of the Ottoman Empire in 1565 with its chance to become a world leader in emerging technologies.

“My passion for technology and innovation sprouts from their potential to help us build a better future, to help us improve people’s lives, provide better services, boost efficiency and curb bureaucracy”, Kablan said.

For the record

But neither Kablan’s heritage nor his ideas much impressed priest Muscat.

“His ancestors fired bullets at your ancestors centuries ago and everyone clapped for him. The worst part is that he’s a Barbary like them, the soldiers at the Great Siege weren’t only Turks but came from the Maghreb too”, Muscat ranted.

“Kablan compared Malta’s Great Siege victory to its successes in finance. He doesn’t understand anything about the Great Siege because what united the Maltese with the Knights wasn’t finance but faith”, the priest added.

In a tweet, Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat defended Kablan from the priest’s attacks, adding that he was “proud” of the Victory Day he had “personally chosen… to express what modern Malta is all about”.

Why it matters

Priest Muscat has long courted controversy for his far-right, Hitler-praising, xenophobic and homophobic views.

At the end of July, for example, Malta Archbishop Charles Scicluna dissociated himself and the Church from Muscat’s support for David Lowell, the Holocaust-denying politician known as the ‘Maltese Salvini’.

“Ideologies that sow hatred and discrimination on the basis of race or culture are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church”, Scicluna added at that time.

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