(Source: Juana Pérez Montero, Pressenza; translation: Simone Jahnen)


At this moment, while the powerful continue to rely on the interests of a few, normal people respond with solidarity, starting with health personnel, continuing with all the people who warrant our basic services, all the way to those who offer their voluntary support in networks that provide help among neighbors. Solidarity today has many faces.

But, perhaps, the time has come to deepen this true solidarity, the one that originates from people and groups from the social base.

To do this, we need it to be accompanied by an individual and collective rebellion against the diagnosis which predicts a future worse than the past that has brought us here, and which is repeated insistently so that we assume it as our own.

Faced with this future that condemns us, we rely on and answer with more solidarity, true solidarity, the one that makes us feel more together than ever in spite of the physical distance, the one that seeks to calm the pain in the midst of so much loneliness.

From this position, we dare to declare that:

True solidarity begins with those closest to us and spreads like a gentle breeze to the ends of the earth, without prejudice or impediments to stop it.

True solidarity does not differentiate by blood ties, races, beliefs, ideas, gender, age.

True solidarity ignores the borders that only benefit the rich and divide the majority of the population.

True solidarity is courageous and denounces violence in any form.

True solidarity demands that the international financial powers, the banks and the big companies pay taxes and return to the populations what they have taken from them, and continue to do so during this time of misfortune for all humanity.

True solidarity must consider the nationalization of basic fundamental services while creating international networks.

True solidarity has clear priorities: it requires nuclear disarmament and progressive disarmament, so that all these resources are redirected toward the benefit of life, people and the environment.

True solidarity understands that human beings are part of a whole, the planet, and that by protecting it they are protecting themselves.

True solidarity does not justify the depletion of people’s resources in order to give them back a few crumbs of what is theirs.

True solidarity is sisterly and goes hand in hand with social justice and the redistribution of wealth.

True solidarity understands that every human being has the right to a basic income that guarantees them a livelihood and dignified living conditions.

True solidarity supports the investment of all the resources necessary to generate a universal public health network throughout the planet.

True solidarity is expressed in the defense of a free and universal education, one that takes into account that every human being is an intentional being capable of transforming themselves as well as the world in which they live and therefore, one that values rebellion against dehumanisation.

An education that aims to train integral human beings, who develop all their potential at the service of the common good. An education that teaches our children to relax, to pay attention, and to connect with their inner selves, where inspiration, real wisdom, kindness, compassion and true love live… An education that invites them to ask themselves about the meaning of their lives and of everything that exists.

True solidarity seeks to eliminate pain and suffering in one and in all.

True solidarity relies on reconciliation in the face of revenge.

True solidarity works towards building a new culture, whose highest moral principle is to “treat others as we wish to be treated”.

True solidarity liberates us and seeks to make us free.

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