“Made in Germany – Action outcry – Stop the arms trade!” shows the consequences of German arms exports in war zones. This poster campaign in the subway station “Französische Strasse” in Berlin in mid-June showed war scenes instead of colorful advertising.

Not far from the government district, large-format war scenes are placarded: destroyed cities and burning vehicles in Aden and Saada in Yemen and Afrin in northern Syria, cities in which the use of German weapons of war and armaments has been proven.

“With armaments deliveries in crisis regions, Germany is changing the face of this world” – that’s what the posters advertise.

Therefore, the symbolic scenes are colored in the country colors black, red and gold. Armament exports to the war coalition in Yemen are still topical and particularly explosive. The war, which has been going on for four years, puts the country in the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of its time:

24 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, 14 million are in acute need of starvation, and 56,000 people are said to have been killed between January 2016 and October 2018 alone.

All warring parties are accused of war crimes

“That is why the Aktion Aufschrei – Stops the Arms Trade! campaign calls on the federal government to finally impose a permanent and complete arms export ban for all countries involved in the Yemen war. For such an embargo, the federal government must also intervene at the European level,” adds Charlotte Kehne, officer for arms export control at Without Armor Life and spokeswoman of the campaign.

“It is hard to count how many times it has been promised not to authorise arms exports to the Yemen warring factions. But all previous agreements and restrictions leave behind open doors. However, arms exports to belligerent countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are blatantly contradictory to national and European principles,” criticises Christine Hoffmann, Pax Christi general secretary and spokeswoman for the “Aktion Aufschrei – Stops the Arms Trade!” campaign.

More information on this effort can be found at this link.

(Pax Christi International)