The Pope has called on society “to make a concrete commitment to combat the cancer of corruption”.

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Francis made the appeal on Twitter December 9 with the hashtag #IACD2019, on the occasion of the United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day.

“Corruption undermines the dignity of the person and shatters all good and beautiful ideals”, the Pope tweeted.

He added that corruption, “with the illusion of quick and easy profits, in reality impoverishes everyone”.

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With his appeal today on social networks, the Pope returned to a theme he addressed Sunday during the traditional papal act of homage at the foot of the monument to the Immaculate Conception in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna.

“… [B]eing sinners and being corrupt is not the same thing: it’s very different”, the Pope said in his prayer on the Marian feast day.

“It is one thing to fall, but then, repenting, to get up again with the help of God’s mercy.

“Something else is hypocritical conspiracy with evil, corruption of the heart, that appears faultless on the outside, but inside, is full of evil intentions and nasty selfishness”, Francis recalled.

The Pope also said during his prayer that the “crystal-clear purity” of the Virgin Mary “calls us back to sincerity, transparency, simplicity”.

“How much we need to be liberated from corruption of heart, which is the greatest danger!”, Francis lamented.

For the record

The Pope has insistently denounced the evil of corruption during his six years on the throne of St. Peter.

One example of that persistence, and the inspiration for today’s papal tweet, is the address Francis delivered in March to official of the Italian Court of Auditors.

Corruption “is one of the most lacerating wounds of the social fabric, as it gravely harms both from an ethical and an economic point of view”, the Pope said on that occasion.

“With the illusion of quick and easy gains, in reality it impoverishes everyone, removing trust, transparency and reliability from the whole system”, he added.

“Corruption degrades the dignity of the individual and shatters all good and beautiful ideals. Society as a whole is called to commit itself concretely to combating the cancer of corruption in its various forms”, Francis told the Italian public servants.

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