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From the Pope’s warning to businesses not to fire people during the coronavirus outbreak to a theologian’s lessons to learn from the pandemic, here are Novena’s ten most-read stories in March:

10. Francis warns businesses over coronavirus: “It’s not the time to fire people, it’s the time to welcome them”

9. French bishop rips reckless providentialist Catholics “tempting God” in coronavirus pandemic

8. Catholic coronavirus irresponsibility continues to put lives at risk in Italy, beyond

7. Coronavirus: Spanish bishop hits out at “bombardment” of faithful with livestreamed Masses

6. Coronavirus “ghost Masses” no excuse for clericalism

5. Full statement, video: Irish Catholics warn hierarchy: “Women will no longer put up with second class status”

4. Theologian: “Can we say the Eucharist is a meal of welcome and then not share it with all the baptised?”

3. German Bishops’ head wants permission from Rome to ordain female deacons; thousands of Catholic women protest for Church equality

2. Coronavirus: In defiance of travel ban, US seminary in Rome ordered to send students back to home dioceses

1. Theologian warns on coronavirus: “This pandemic demands a different relationship with nature and the Earth”

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