Pope Francis has rushed “immediately” to the aid of a group of Latin American transsexual prostitutes in need in Italy due to the coronavirus.

– “These people are hungry human beings. And we are all children of God”

‘The Pope’s Robin Hood’, papal charity chief Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, confirmed to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he personally went in aid to the group, stranded in the town of Torvaianica on the central Lazio coast, following their request to a local priest who then passed their appeal to the Vatican.

“It’s true that we helped them”, Krajewski declared.

“‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’, says Jesus. It is the Gospel. These people are hungry human beings. And we are all children of God”, the cardinal explained to the paper.

– Appreciation for the Pope: “God bless you, thank you for everything”

Parish priest of Torvaianica Andrea Conocchia had told the Italian news agency Adnkronos that the group of prostitutes, “almost all Latin Americans”, came to his church a few days ago “to ask for help because with COVID-19 they no longer had clients” and didn’t know how to survive.

Living together in community the transsexuals “divide the expenses, the rent, they help each other as they can”, Conocchia explained.

“The word has spread and now there are about twenty people who have asked for help.

“Mainly they come from Latin America; they love Bergoglio a lot and they have faith. I was moved by the image of one of them who began to pray on his knees before the Virgin”, the priest added.

Conocchia said that after Cardinal Krajewski’s visit the group recorded voice messages in Spanish for the pontiff to thank him for his help.

“Thank you very much to Pope Francis”, “God bless you, thank you for everything”, “A thousand blessings, may the Virgin protect you”, were just some of the messages that the transsexuals recorded.

– “The Pope’s charity is given to anyone who suffers”

For his part, Krajewski told Corriere della Sera that when he heard from Torvaianica priest Conocchia about the plight of the prostitutes, he didn’t hesitate to send money to help them, in the same way he does for other vulnerable people.

“They are people who made money in the shadows, of course; maybe they have trouble with documents and can’t apply for social assistance”, the cardinal reflected.

“Other parishes reported similar problems, from prostitutes who no longer have anything to eat. So I get the account number and I give everything that’s needed to the parish”, Krajewski explained.

The cardinal explained that “the Pope’s charity is given to anyone who suffers”.

“At Easter we give thousands of packages to prisoners and among them, of course, there were also transsexuals and prostitutes”.

“My task is to help those in need and to empty the Pope’s charity account”, Krajewski said.

“If it’s empty, that’s fine. And when it’s empty, thank God, there are always benefactors who donate again”, he concluded.

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