Pope Francis has appointed two women to key positions in the Vatican Financial Authority and Vatican Apostolic Library.

Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi, new member of the managing board of the Financial Information Authority

On the one hand, the pontiff named Professor Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi, Vice-Rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italy), as a member of the managing board of the Vatican Financial Information Authority (AIF).

Born in Milan on May 2, 1965, Alibrandi graduated in law in 1987. A professor of Economic Law at the Faculty of Banking, Financial and Insurance Sciences of the Catholic University, she is a member of the Milan Bar Association, the president of the Association of Professors of Economic Law and a member of the Union of Catholic Jurists.

She has carried out research funded by the Ministry of Universities and Research and the European Union; among other things, she has investigated the governance of markets in the EU, fair trade as a new model of international cooperation,the digitisation of financial intermediation processes and the regulation of the protection of personal data.

Alibrandi is a member, among other other bodies, of the Academic Board of the European Banking Institute (EBI) and of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Association for the Development of Bank and Stock Market Studies. Among her editorial roles, she is an editor of the magazine “Banca Borsa e Titoli di Credito”.

In an interview with the magazine San Paolo Credere some time ago, Alibrandi recounted her education and her initially journalistically-oriented university studies. She grew up in a Milanese parish led by the Piarists and has been marked by various experiences in the ecclesial field.

Later came her arrival at the university, her choice of law studies and then her career in the economic and financial sector which, as she explained in the interview, she has always wanted to see not so much a science dominated by algorithms but rather as real world made of companies and therefore “flesh and blood workers”.

The tasks of the AIF

The Financial Intelligence Authority is the institution of the Vatican City State and Holy See charged with combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Established by Benedict XVI in 2010, the AIF ​​has seen a consolidation of its institutional mandate under Pope Francis.

At the international level, in 2013 the AIF ​​was admitted to the Egmont Group, the global forum that brings together financial intelligence units from 152 countries and jurisdictions to share standards and best practices for collaboration and to engage in the exchange of information.

Raffaelli Vincenti, office head at the Vatican Apostolic Library

On the other hand, the Pope also named Dr. Raffaelli Vincenti today as the new office head of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Vincenti, who previously held the position of secretary in the same institution, is an expert in Library Sciences and a member of the teaching staff of the Apostolic Library.

(With reporting by Vatican News)

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