Early today [Thursday 27 June], the humanitarian corridor flight landed at Fiumicino airport in Rome. 40 more Syrians safely arrived in Italy, joining the more than 2600 who arrived since 2016 thanks to this project.

Humanitarian corridors are the only safe and legal way to flee the most terrible conflicts of our time.

Welcoming the refugees, Marco Impagliazzo, President of the Sant’Egidio Community, said:

“They are not just humanitarian corridors, but looking at so much inhumanity in the world, I would call them ‘human corridors’, as here we find so much humanity”.

A “dream” for all of Europe

“Many children have safely arrived to Italy. They told me their dream is to go to school, because where they were there was none. Therefore, long live the school!” added Impagliazzo, responding to the chorus of children who entered the room saying laudly “long live Italy, long live peace!”

Paolo Naso, speaking for the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy and the Waldensian Table said:

“The humanitarian corridors are working and we strongly dream of a European one from Libya”.