Santa Marta - Pope condemns money, vanity and gossip as causes of division in Church

Santa Marta Mass: Pope condemns money, vanity and gossip as causes of division in Church

At his morning Mass in the Chapel of the Casa Santa Marta on this Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter, Pope Francis issued an invitation to make the most of the opportunity offered by the silence of this period of pandemic:

“In this time there is so much silence. You can even hear the silence. May this silence, which is a little new in our habits, teach us to listen, make us grow in our capacity to listen. We pray for this”.

In his homily, Pope Francis commented on the passage from the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 4:32-37), which describes the lives of members of the first Christian community, “who had one heart and one soul and nobody considered what belonged to them as their property, because between them everything was common and nobody was in need”.

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The Holy Spirit is capable of doing these wonders, said the Pope. The first Christian community is a model, an ideal, a sign of what the Holy Spirit can do if we are docile.

The Spirit creates harmony. Then come problems and divisions, Francis warned.

There are three causes of division: the first is money.

The poor are discriminated against. Money divides the community, the Church. Many times behind doctrinal deviations there is money, said the Pope.

The second thing that divides is vanity, feeling superior to others, being seen as peacocks.

The third thing that divides the community is gossip, which the devil places in us as a need to speak about others.

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The Spirit comes to save us from these worldly temptations, the Pope said.

In his final prayer, the Pope encouraged the faithful: “Let us ask the Lord for docility to the Holy Spirit so that he may transform us and transform our communities so that they are in harmony”.

(With information from Vatican News)

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