From the German Church’s push for reforms to the ongoing struggle of women’s and LGBTQ+ groups for equality, it’s an exciting time to be reporting on the Church.

September saw us at Novena covering all these stories, and more.

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Here’s what interested you, dear readers, on Novena in September.

In descending order:

10. German Catholic Women’s President: “Without women, the Church wouldn’t work”

9. Cardinal Marx says married priests possible “in certain conditions and certain regions”

8. Basel diocese backs same-sex marriage, blessings


Swiss Church plans “renewal process” to win back “credibility”

7. Nun heroine of the needy strangled then raped in Portugal

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Portuguese bishop decries “complete failure” of justice system after murder and rape of nun

6. Overwhelming majority of faithful in Irish diocese want married and women priests, more respect for LGBTQ+

5. Chinese spies tried to disrupt secret far-right Catholic meet in Portugal

Around Novena:

China spread Hong Kong, Vatican propaganda at secret far-right Catholic meet in Portugal

4. Italy experiences “wonderful gift” of married priests

3. Spanish Bishops step back into Dark Ages with alert to Catholics on meditation and mindfulness

2. Pope blasts priests’ obsession with sex as “perversion”, “hypocrisy”

1. Krakow Archbishop fires Catholic women for not being married

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