A Spanish bishop has pleaded with the Church to defend “with the same passion” both migrants and the unborn.

Driving the news

Auxiliary Bishop of Valladolid Luis Argüello spoke Saturday at a migration forum. The forum was organised by the Spanish Bishops’ Conference and the Comillas Pontifical University.

“Why are some Catholics who are sensitive to some issues not sensitive to others?”, asked the bishop.

Argüello alluded to the fact that coinciding with the migration forum the Episcopal Subcommittee on Family and Life held a course on defence of life issues.

The course covered abortion, euthanasia and so-called “gender ideology”.


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The intrigue

Argüello is the secretary and spokesman of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference.

He said one of the weaknesses of the Church today is the division between Catholics focused on traditional life issues and those focused on social justice.

The Church does not always defend “with the same passion” the Catholic doctrine on both sets of issues, said the bishop. The Church does not defend both migrants and the unborn.

Argüello called on Catholics to leave aside the thinking “this issue belongs to those on this side, and this issue to those on the other side”.

The big picture

On both sets of issues, according to Argüello, the Church faces a “technocratic capitalism that apparently promotes many diversities, but in fact tries to impose a totalitarian homogenisation”.

This technocratic world order “plays with us like puppets on a string”, said Argüello.

“Totalitarian” capitalism “encourages us to compartmentalise, to busy ourselves with our own affairs, while the mysterious structures of power smile sarcastically”, Argüello denounced.


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