Photo: A flower and candles for the victims of the shooting in Schweden Square (Schwedenplatz) in Vienna (AFP)

In the wake of the terror attack Monday in the Austrian capital which killed at least four and injured at least 17, the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Vienna-based interfaith group KAICIID – the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue – have pleaded with the world to “bring this violence and bloodshed to an end”.

A prayer to God: “Heal the sickness in the hearts and minds of the people that inflict such pain”

Full text of the WCC statement

The World Council of Churches is horrified by the spate of violent extremist attacks around the world in recent hours – in western Ethiopia, in Kabul and in Vienna.

The unbearable toll of lives lost, and the impact on the affected communities and nations, must engage the concern, solidarity and action of the international community and all people of goodwill, to stem the bloodshed and to confront the brutal ideologies behind such atrocities.

In an attack on ethnic Amharas in western Ethiopia on Sunday 1 November, 54 people are reported to have been killed, in a tragic escalation of the ethnic violence which threatens the very fabric of the Ethiopian nation.

Ethiopian Orthodox communities have also been targeted in previous attacks, with churches burned and many members of the church communities killed since mid 2018.

WCC denounces these attacks, and the unconscionable instrumentalization of ethnic and religious differences for political purposes which feeds such attacks and atrocities.

In Kabul on Monday 2 November, gunmen attacked Afghanistan’s largest university, killing at least 19 people and wounding more than a dozen, in the second deadly assault on an educational institution in the capital resulting in mass casualties in just over a week.

An Afghan branch of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group is reported to have claimed responsibility.

And now in an apparent religiously-inspired extremist attack in Vienna – which began outside the Seitenstettengasse Synagogue, the main house of prayer for the Viennese Jewish community and the target of past violent attacks – four people are reported killed and another 17 wounded.

Gunmen opened fire in six different locations in the city centre yesterday evening, and at least one suspect is still at large.

Merciful God, bring this violence and bloodshed to an end. Heal the sickness in the hearts and minds of the people that inflict such pain, suffering and death on other people because of their ethnic or religious identity, or indiscriminately.

Bring peace to a world increasingly riven by divisions and hatreds. Introduce compassion and wisdom to those leaders who so fearfully lack these qualities and who incite hatred and violence. Comfort all those who mourn the precious lives lost, and encourage and protect the communities now living in fear.

The WCC reiterates its sadly oft-repeated categorical denunciation of all such attacks, and its rejection of any attempts to justify such violence on religious grounds.

We call both political and religious leaders to a renewed spirit of cooperation in searching for effective responses and an end to the bloodshed and division.

“Stop the cynical manipulation of religion for violence and exclusion”

Full text of the KAICIID statement

We are all personally acquainted with Vienna, a city that has hosted KAICIID since its founding eight years ago as part of Austria’s commitment to peace, dialogue and interreligious and intercultural exchange.

We extend our condolences to the families and loved ones of those affected by this murderous act, and express profound solidarity with Austria as it falls victim to an apparent renewed cycle of terroristic violence occurring in Europe.

We are numb with horror that violence of this nature has found its way to this city of peace, this city of culture and beauty, this city which for centuries has acted as a beacon of civility and hope.

KAICIID’s mission is to promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue in pursuit of peace, reconciliation, mutual understanding and respect. The Centre has worked tirelessly through its programmes and partnerships to foster respect and prevent the cynical manipulation of religion being used to create a pathway to violence and exclusion.

Membership of the Board of KAICIID is made up of senior representatives of the world’s religions.

As such we categorically condemn these actions, reaffirm the commitment by all faiths to the sanctity of human life and reject utterly any misuse of religion to justify violence.

One of the purposes of these terrible acts is to sow fear and division, to accentuate differences and shatter established social settlements based on mutual acceptance.

We call for calm, for solidarity, and we are confident that Austria’s reputation as a country of tolerance and inclusion will continue to defy the twisted motivations behind this attack.


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