Vatican confirms 10th case of coronavirus as Pope postpones 'Peter's Pence' collection

Updated: Vatican confirms 11th case of coronavirus as Pope postpones ‘Peter’s Pence’ collection

(Source: MJ/Vatican News)

Update 30/4/20 17:26 CEST:

Director of the Holy See Press Office Matteo Bruni released a statement Thursday announcing that another person in the Vatican tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

This 11th person is a Holy See employee.

Further details in the statement say that the person had manifested symptoms in the first half of March and had been placed in self-isolation. 

Before returning to work the employee was tested. This results of the analysis confirmed that the person was positive for the virus.

At this point, the employee is under quarantine in their own home.

Original post 29/4/20 17:00 CEST:

The Vatican has confirmed the 10th case of coronavirus within its walls as Pope Francis has postponed the annual ‘Peter’s Pence’ collection.

– Victim under quarantine, colleagues unaffected

In a statement released on Tuesday evening, Matteo Bruni, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, confirmed a new victim of COVID-19 among the staff of the Holy See.

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This person was identified by health authorities in the past few days, the statement said.

The person who has become ill had manifested symptoms in March. At that time, the person began to work from home, maintaining isolation. Currently, the person is under quarantine. 

The patient’s place of work was sanitised according to standard procedure, spokesman Bruni added, and all of the person’s colleagues were tested for the virus. All of them tested negative.

The 9th case of COVID-19 in the Vatican was confirmed on April 20.

– ‘Peter’s Pence’ postponed to October 4

In the meantime, due to the pandemic Pope Francis has moved the date of the annual ‘Peter’s Pence’ collection to October 4.

“Considering the current health emergency, the Holy Father has established that, for the current year 2020, the Peter’s Pence collection, which traditionally takes place around the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul on 29 June, will be transferred throughout the world to the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 4 October, memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi”, a Vatican Press Office statement explained.

As the Vatican ‘Peter’s Pence’ website sets out, the collection of that name “is a gesture of solidarity” undertaken by Catholics throughout the world through which “every member of the faithful can participate in the activity of the Pope as pastor of the universal Church”.

“It is an activity that also supports the most needy and ecclesial communities in difficulty who approach the Apostolic See for help”, the webpage explains.

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