A Vatican magazine is demanding for women in the Church “power and authority like men”.

– “It’s a question of justice”

The demand comes in the March edition of Donne Chiesa Mondo (“Women Church World”), the women’s supplement to official Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano.

“Let it be clear: that women demand power, authority and authority like men; it’s a question of justice”, Francesca Bugliani Knox, a member of the editorial board of Donne Chiesa Mondo, writes in one of the articles published in the new number.

“The day’s still far off in which there’ll be no need to resort to women’s quotas or that the news that a woman is appointed to a high-ranking government or Church position doesn’t make headlines”, Bugliani laments.

– Few women shattering the stained-glass ceiling in Rome, and still “subordinate” to men

The new issue of Donne Chiesa Mondo celebrates the January appointment of Dr. Francesca Di Giovanni as Vatican under-secretary for the Section for Relations with States, the highest post yet reached by a woman in the powerful Vatican Secretariat of State.

The publication also lauds the fact that several women occupy important posts in the Vatican bureaucracy, from Cristiane Murray as Deputy Director of the Holy See Press Office to Claudia di Giovanni as director of the Vatican Film Library to Barbara Jatta as director of the Vatican Museums.

But still, “Women Church World” denounces the fact that “no woman yet occupies the post of prefect [“number one”] or secretary [“number 2”] of any of the dicasteries or departments into which the Vatican government of the Church is divided, and that the “few executive positions” women have come to move in to “are almost all subordinate to men”.

– “Would men accept being represented by the a Synod made of up of only women which made decisions for them?”

Other questions Donne Chiesa Mondo asks in its March edition relate to the absence of women with the power to vote at synods and to the ongoing exclusion of women from decision-making bodies in the Church.

The veto on women voting was a particularly sore point at last October’s Amazon Synod, where male superiors general – even not being priests – were allowed to cast their ballots, but their female equivalents – with equal status under Church law – were not.

“Would men accept being represented by a Council or a Synod composed only of women who also make decisions for them?”, one of Donne Chiesa Mondo‘s writers asks in a March edition article.

“I can’t really believe it”, the journalist writes.

“On the contrary, women have been excluded for centuries by all the governing bodies of the Church”, the reflection continues.

– A reponse to the Pope’s ‘no’ to women’s ordination in his new apostolic exhortation?

Donne Chiesa Mondo‘s new demands are significant in that they come just days after Catholic women all over the world reacted angrily to Pope Francis’ closing the door in the short-term to women’s ordination in his post-Amazon Synod apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia.

The supplement’s petitions for gender equality are important, too, in that there are the latest in a series stretching back at least until January.

In the January issue, Donne Chiesa Mondo implored the Pope “to break wall of inequality between women and men in Church”.

In February, the magazine lifted the lid on the abuse of nuns in the Church, and revealed the fact that women religious all over the world are subject to burnout, stress and exploitation.

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