The Vatican Migrants and Refugees Section has warned of a “cataclysmic” possible second wave of COVID-19 among the world’s more than 25 million refugees and 40 million internally displaced people.

Full text of the statement of the Vatican Migrants & Refugees Section:

COVID-19: No one must be forgotten!

(Source: Vatican Migrants & Refugees Section)

What is the current COVID-19 crisis doing to migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons and victims of human trafficking throughout the world? 

In overcrowded conditions such as refugee or IDP camps and immigration detention centres, social distancing is difficult.

We should not stop assisting people who need our help and protection. Indeed, as persons who are already extremely vulnerable, they are likely to be even more harshly affected in case the virus spreads among them. 

In order to better understand the impact of the crisis on these vulnerable groups, the Migrants & Refugees Section is studying the thinking and activities of different actors.

This Migrants & Refugees Section bulletin shares innovations and good practices of different Catholic actors around the world who seek to assist displaced and vulnerable people during the COVID-19 emergency and prevent the spread of the virus amidst and beyond these groups.

Migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons and victims of human trafficking, already extremely vulnerable, should not be left behind during humanity’s struggle with the Corona virus. Rather, they should be helped and protected through:


Reminders that their issues still need to be taken into account, and targeted actions aimed at ensuring that they too receive assistance and protection against the virus.

Material assistance

Provision of essential supplies to survive, as well as the necessary tools and preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus among them and to the wider population.

Planned programmes

Assurance of continuation of the projects addressing their needs and providing them a good and peaceful life.

The current crisis should be used as an opportunity to reconsider approaches and responses given so far to the issues of displacement.

Inaugural Vatican Migrants & Refugees Section Bulletin on COVID-19

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Vatican Migrants & Refugees Section Bulletin on COVID-19 #1

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