“We will not stop. The international crisis due to the coronavirus once again shows how everything is interconnected. In the light of this dramatic experience, the appointment you gave us appears even more urgent and prophetic”.

This is what the young participants at the international event “The Economy of Francesco” write in a message to the Pope.

That is an event which was to due to have taken place from March 26 to 28, but which was postponed to November 21 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“For our part, we will multiply the commitment, integrate the themes, organise events and meetings in all possible forms, involve other voices and sensitivities”, the young people continue in their text to the pontiff.

“The meeting will be even more beautiful, for us and for the world that now more than ever awaits a different economy, on a human scale”.

The event will be attended by young scholars and economists from 115 nations.

In their letter to the Pope the young highlight the experiences they were to have presented in response to his appeal:

“You would have listened to our stories of change: Diego and his eco-village in Brazil, Samer from Lebanon who invented a platform for a job without barriers, Andrea a young economist with a ‘doctor’s heart’.

“And among others, you would have listened to the challenge of Myriam’s micro-credit in Uganda, the Azerbaijani Turkan’s research on the issues of gender inequality and Lilly, the very young Thai activist who fights against plastic.

“We would have listened to your words and then shared a pact together on the Tomb of St. Francis”.

Finally, they recall that today even “The Economy of Francesco” organisers and the many people who are working on this process “are experiencing a period of sorrow and concern due to the world crisis”.

“We too live this time like a long Lent, like a long Holy Saturday, which is the time of silence, of waiting, but also of the cure of and the aromas on the injured bodies, waiting for the resurrection”, the young people write.

“Holy Saturday is the time of Mary, of women, of their different economy, which is economy of relationships before money and wealth”.

The young economists promise the Pope that they are looking forward to meeting on November 21, before insisting: “We feel comforted that you will continue to accompany us in this journey with your presence and your prayer”.

In his May 2019 letter introducing the “Economy of Francesco” summit, Pope Francis expressed his wish to participants that they explore “a different kind of economy: one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it”.

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